20 October 2018, Vilnius

1. The following general terms of law firm Galubickas (the Law Firm) apply to the legal services, representation and assignments commissioned by the client (the General Terms), except where a written legal services agreement is signed with the client and its terms differ from the present General Terms. The special terms of a legal services agreement concluded with the client separately contain fee rates for the Law Firm services, descriptions of specific aspects of the assignment and legal services as well as other particular details concerning that client and their assignment. The terms specified in the written legal services agreements signed with clients always prevail over these General Terms.

2. If neither a separate written legal services agreement is signed with the client nor agreed otherwise, these General Terms apply to the legal services provided by the Law Firm in connection with the client’s assignment as well as future assignments given by the client to the Law Firm.

3. Client assignments are carried out most efficiently when the client promptly discloses to the Law Firm and its lawyers all the pertaining facts and other relevant information.

4. The provided services are considered accepted and meeting the client’s requirements in 10 days after their provision unless the client submits well-grounded remarks or objections to the Law Firm within that period. The Law Firm retains all the intellectual property rights to deliverables of the services, except where the parties agree in writing otherwise, but the client has the right to an unobstructed use of deliverables of the services.

5. The Law Firm may review its hourly rates agreed with the client once a year. The general principle of setting the rates is based on the time required to carry out the client’s assignment (including the necessary travel time) which is accounted at ¼-hour increments plus the reasonable costs incurred directly in relation to performance of the assignment (such as travel, accommodation, fuel, etc.). The fee rates may be increased by 50%, if services need to be provided within extremely short time as requested by the client and the client agrees with the increase. In case of judicial or other disputes, a part of the legal service costs may be recovered from the adverse party but the Law Firm cannot guarantee it. If a dispute is lost, the client may also have to cover the litigation costs of the other party (parties).

6. Invoices of the Law Firm are sent by e-mail and not signed. The invoices must be paid within 14 calendar days. Late payments are subject to default interest in the amount of annual interest of 5 per cent for natural persons, or the annual interest of 6 per cent for entrepreneurs and legal entities. The Law Firm has the right to transfer any claim arising out of an unpaid invoice to a debt collection agency with a 7-day prior notice to the client if the past due payment is not made within that notice period. The client hereby gives consent to disclosing the necessary information and documents to the third parties for debt collection purposes.

7. The client agrees that all the data (including personal data) will be stored and processed observing the security, confidentiality and data protection measures applied by the Law Firm. The client confirms that he/she has the right to hand over the data necessary for performance of the assignment to be processed by the Law Firm.

8. Unless a clear consent is given, attorneys-at-law of the Law Firm cannot advise the client’s opponents on the same subject the Law Firm is advising the client. The Law Firm may represent or advise clients on unrelated matters where interests of such clients are not necessarily in line with interests of the client or another client.

9. The services will be provided for the client in the future when the Law Firm receives and accepts a new assignment subject to the hourly rates of the Law Firm effective at the time. The Law Firm may refuse carrying out the assignment if there is a direct or indirect conflict of interests or if performance of such assignment is outside the competence of the Law Firm or for other reasons.

10. The Law Firm is liable to the client only for the direct damages, except for cases of malicious intent. Liability of the Law Firm is insured and limited to the amount of civil liability insurance.

11. A legal services agreement between the parties may be terminated by any party unilaterally with a 14-day prior notice sent by e-mail or post specifying or not specifying the reasons for termination. The Law Firm may terminate provision of legal services and the related agreement without any notice in the event of suspicions that the business relationship may involve money laundering, terrorist financing or attempts to circumvent sanctions, or the client is late with payments due to the Law Firm for a period longer than 60 days.

12. The Law Firm may suspend provision of legal services if the client does not pay the invoice when due, or does not cooperate. On termination of the agreement, the client must pay all the fees (remuneration) and cover all the costs incurred until the day of termination. The Law Firm has the right to retain the documents and other assets related to the assignment. If the client requests services related to the assignment but the assignment has already been carried out or if such services exceed the scope of the agreed assignment, such services may be charged extra based on the standard rates or a separate arrangement with the client.

13. The Law Firm undertakes to refrain from disclosing to third parties any confidential information obtained or learned from the client while providing the legal services. Confidential information encompasses all the information in a written, verbal or other form submitted by the client to the Law Firm for delivery of the legal services, and it always includes the documents and information prepared or generated as a result of receipt of such information (hereinafter referred to as confidential information). The confidentiality undertaking does not apply to the confidential information which was public at the time of its disclosure to the attorney-at-law of the Law Firm or legally possessed by or known to the attorney-at-law before starting legal service provision to the client. If required to disclose the confidential information, the attorney-at-law of the Law Firm is obligated to notify the client of it without delay.

14. The Law Firm collects, retains, uses and processes personal data concerning the client and the persons directly associated with the client (e.g., employees and/or representatives) in compliance with the laws regulating personal data protection, among others, the Law on the Bar of the Republic of Lithuania, performance of the agreement for legal services and/or client representation, administrating of invoicing and accounting systems, management of internal information systems, client relationship management, and performance of legal obligations of the Law Firm. When performing the client’s assignment, the Law Firm will process personal data of the client and the persons directly associated with the client as the data controller in accordance with the laws and other legal acts governing data protection. The persons whose personal data is processed by the Law Firm have a statutory right to obtain information about the personal data processed by the Law Firm and request the Law Firm to rectify or erase their personal data. When it is necessary in provision of legal services, the Law Firm may process personal data of another person or the client obtained during provision of legal services or in the procedure set forth by the laws, including special categories of personal data, without consent of such individuals. The Law Firm may transmit the above-mentioned information on the client and the persons associated with the client to third parties where such information is necessary for performance of the client’s assignment within the scope required for achieving the said purpose. More detailed information about personal data processed at the Law Firm is provided in the Privacy Policy of the Law Firm published on its website.

15. Disputes between the client and the attorney-at-law of the Law Firm will be solved in good faith by way of negotiations. If the parties do not reach an agreement, disputes will be resolved at courts of Vilnius city in the procedure set forth by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. These General Terms and provision of legal services are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

16. The Law Firm retains the right to change these General Terms. Their amendments will be published on the Law Firm’s website.